Histotechnology AAS



The Histotechnology program was suspended in August 2015. After a  review of the program was conducted by the college, the decision was made to close the program.  We are currently implementing a teach-out plan for current students. No further applications will be accepted, and the Histotechnology program will formally close at the end of the spring 2018 semester.

The Histotechnology program is delivered by current certified practitioners in the field through evening classes, including a day shift internship component. Upon completion of this program, the student will be eligible to sit for the national certification examination. They will enter the health care team as a Histotechnician.

There is a formal application process that is separate from the college admission application.

1. Accuplacer Placement Tests 2. Chemistry Prerequisite 3. Minimum GPA Prerequisite

Note: Current enrollment in prerequisite courses does not meet application requirements. Applicants who meet only the application prerequisite/requirements at the time of application may receive provisional acceptance pending successful completion of Math 1150 College Algebra prior to starting in Histotechnology department courses.

1. Take Placement Tests - All applicants are required to take the Accuplacer placement to evaluate current competency and readiness for college-level courses. Visit the NHCC Testing Center website www.nhcc.edu/testing for more information including: practice questions, scheduling an appointment, & policies.

  • Placement tests are required regardless of degree(s) held or coursework completed (no waivers accepted).
  • Placement tests must be taken within the 3 years prior to your program application.
  • All required coursework identified by the placement scores must be completed with a Pass/C grade or better after taking the test and prior to applying to the program.

In order to be ready to apply to the Histotechnology program, student must be college ready in Math (place into College Algebra - MATH1150 or higher); and Reading at college-level (no courses required); Ready for College Writing I (ENGL1201).

2. Chemistry Prerequisite - Applicants must have completed at minimum a full year of high school chemistry in the United States with a straight grade of “C” or higher OR a college-level Introduction to Chemistry (NHCC Chem 1010) with a straight grade of “C” or higher.

3. Minimum GPA Prerequisite - All College/Vocational-Technical Transcripts must include cumulative credits earned and grade point average. The minimum acceptable overall college GPA is 2.50. Minimum cumulative GPA in program-required math and science courses is 2.50.

If you have no college credits completed at the time of program application: High School Record must include final class rank percentile and grade point average. Applicants with only high school work must be at or above the 50% final class rank percentile (upper ½ of their class).



2017 - 2018



Advising Information

- Prospective students (students with no NHCC ID number): call Admissions & Outreach at 763-424-0724 to meet with an Admissions Advisor

- Current students (students with an NHCC ID number), call the Advising Center at 763-424-0703 to meet with a Health Careers Advisor