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Associate in Arts (AA) / Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

The Associate in Arts (A.A.) is designed to constitute the first two years of a liberal arts bachelor degree program. An A.A. degree includes the entire 40 credit Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) as the general education requirement. Students may also choose to concentrate in a particular field of study in preparation for a planned major or professional emphasis at a four-year-college by following the pre-major requirements of the desired transfer institution.



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MnTC/Goal Area Information

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) provides the general education distribution requirements for the Associate of Arts degree and provides the general education component for each of the career programs. The MnTC is designed to give students a college-level general education curriculum that focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in modern society. 

The MnTC curriculum will be accepted by any Minnesota public higher education institution to fulfill the lower division general education requirements for a Bachelor in Arts degree. Students must complete at least 40 credits in MnTC courses distributed over the ten goal areas. Credits can only be counted toward the 40 credit MnTC minimum, but may fulfill more than one goal area.