Paralegal AS

This program prepares students to assist lawyers and administrators of law-related occupations in providing efficient legal services to the public. The program of study includes general education courses, law-related courses, and legal specialty courses.

The paralegal courses are offered primarily in the evening program of the College. Courses prepare students for entry into a paralegal career and provide presently employed paralegals an opportunity to enhance their legal knowledge and skills. The Paralegal Program does not train graduates to provide legal services directly to the public. Any person who attempts to provide legal services directly to the public, but is not licensed to practice law, engages in the illegal and unauthorized practice of law.

The Paralegal Program is approved by the American Bar Association.

Students must take at least ten semester credits or the equivalend of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction as required by the American Bar Association

Students wishing to enroll in the Paralegal Program, must complete an Admission Request. Students must make an appointment to meet with an advisor to present the Admission Request for processing. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Counseling and Advising at 763-424-0703.

The Associate of Science in Paralegal is designed to articulate to:

  • Concordia University B.A. in Organizational Management and Leadership degree
  • Concordia University B.A. in Business degree
  • Concordia University B.A. in Public Policy degree
  • Concordia University B.A. in Criminal Justice degree
  • Hamline University B.A. in Legal Studies degree
  • Metropolitan State University B.A. Individualized Studies degree



2017 - 2018



To Enroll In The Paralegal Program

Students must complete a Paralegal Admission Request and make an appointment with Maria Yang (Advisor) for review.

Contact Maria at 763-424-0703 for more info or to schedule your appointment.