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Class Delivery Options

Our online courses are offered using D2L Brightspace learning management system, enabling online students to receive the same learning experience, as well as the same rigor and academic standard, as face-to-face courses. Like traditional face-to-face courses, no online course is exactly the same. Some incorporate the latest multi-media technology and others rely on more traditional online learning tools. Some courses require high degrees of student interaction, and others are more self-paced.

"Blended/Hybrid" Courses

A course with reduced classroom seat time and some instruction delivered online. The course blends online and face-to-face delivery. Some of the course content is delivered online. The course has more than two face-to-face sessions during the term.

"Classroom Capture" Courses

A class equipped with motion sensor cameras which allow teachers to record their classroom activities, so students may have the option of attending class on campus or virtually through live streaming video. The recorded classes can also be reviewed later on demand.

"Completely Online - Asynchronous" Courses

All instruction for the course is delivered online. The course has NO required face-to-face meetings (i.e., there are no meetings of the class at a predetermined or scheduled time. A student may still have arranged meetings with small groups of the class or arranged meetings with the instructor).

"Completely Online - Synchronous" Courses

All instruction for the course is delivered online. The course has NO required face-to-face meetings and NO required exams. The course has required synchronous online meetings or activities: the full class meets online at a specified or scheduled time.

"Predominantly Online" Courses

Nearly all instruction is delivered online. No more than two required activities or meetings of the class as a cohort may occur face-to-face in the same physical location. The course may have required proctored exams, in addition to the one or two face-to-face meetings. A proctored exam is considered one of the face-to-face meetings if the proctored exam is given to the entire class at a specified time and location. If the student has a choice in when and where to get the exam proctored, the proctored exam is not considered to be one of the face-to-face meetings.
The course may have required synchronous components: the full class may meet online at a specified or scheduled time, in addition to the proctored exams and the one or two face to face meetings.


Telepresence is a form of distance delivery that is being offered as an alternative to online learning. It uses video conferencing technology which provides an "in-person" virtual experience enabling learners to feel or appear as if they are present in a location in which they are not physically located. Telepresence is used at NHCC to help create a more "in person" teaching experience with remote learners and offers face-to-face interactions between the teacher and learners in the classroom through the transmission of life-size, high-definition video and audio.


Hoonuit provides self-paced technology and academic skills training videos, available 24/7 from campus or home. Use your StarID and Password to login.